Frequently Asked Questions
about Online Courses in Remote Viewing

Here you will find the most frequently asked questions about our Online Courses to become a certified Remote Viewer.



Can you learn Remote Viewing from books?

No. Remote Viewing is a very complex method that cannot be learnt only through books. Without a trainer and personal coach you cannot reach the level of a professional Remote Viewer. Take advantage of the longstanding expertise of the Remote Viewing College to become a certified Remote Viewer.


Do you need to have a talent to learn Remote Viewing?

No, neither a natural gift nor talent is required for Remote Viewing. Everyone can learn Remote Viewing and can become a certified Remote Viewer. The Remote-Viewing-Technology is based on the natural abilities that every human being has from birth. People who make decisions based on their feeling or intuition learn more easily than people who weigh up their decisions according to a logical approach. This is why experts also call Remote Viewing intuition- or attention-management.


Do you need previous knowledge for an Online Course in Remote Viewing?

No. If you can read and write in your native language, you are ideally suited for an Online Course as a certified Remote Viewer. Like any other Online Course, Remote Viewing requires diligence, perseverance and commitment.


In which languages does an Online Course in Remote Viewing take place?

All Remote Viewing Online Courses are always conducted in your native language. We currently offer education in German, English and Italian.


How long does a an Online Course in Remote Viewing take?

To become a certified Remote Viewer, you must expect a course period of at least twelve months. During this time you will do training- or practice-tasks with Remote Viewing. These will give you security during the later application, e.g. in Remote Viewing-Projects. But as in any other profession, Remote Viewers never stop learning.


What is the difference between the various Online Courses in Remote Viewing?

To give you a complete overview, we have created a comparison of all Online Courses for you.


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