Two for the Money


Country of Origin: United States of America (USA)

Language: English

Runtime: 122 min.

Age Rating: FSK 6

Director: D. J. Caruso

Writer: Dan Gilroy

Year of production: 2005

Camera: Conrad W. Hall

Cut: Glen Scantlebury

Music: Christophe Beck

Production Company: Morgan Creek Productions


Al Pacino, Matthew McConaughey, Rene Russo, Armand Assante, Jeremy Piven, Jaime King, Kevin Chapman, Ralph Garman, Gedde Watanabe, Carly Pope, Charles Carroll, Gerard Plunkett, Craig Veroni, James Kirk, Chrislyn Austin, Denise Galik, Gary Hudson, Jeremy Guilbaut, Steve Makaj, Stephen Dimopoulos, Michael Rogers, William S. Taylor, Veena Sood, Adrian Holmes, Trevor Roberts, Michael P. Northey, Brad Kelly, Jason Schombing, Louis Mustillo, Luciana Carro, Kendall Cross, David Lovgren, Malcolm Scott, J.B. McEown, Robin Mossley, Raimund Stamm, Jonathan Bruce, Barry LeBrock, Joel Myers, Ron Pitts, Jim Rome, Trevor Babers, Gene Bolton, Jarrod Bunch, John Clark Jr., Dustin Dennard, Stefan Gamlin, Derek Graf, Cedric Jefferson, Mike Jones, Tyrone Jones Jr., Horace Knight, Ty Law, Marques Massengale, O.J. McClintock, Dewayne Patmon, Kevin Reid, Justin Riemer, Chris Robbins, Mazio Royster, Jeff Sanders, Brandon Tully, Zach Wilson, Ildiko Ferenczi, Josh Hayden, Brandon Lang, Chooch Paglaro, David C. Robinson, Joel Ross, April Telek, Susan Ward, Jackson Warris, Tyler James Williams


Jay Cohen, James M. Freitag, Dan Gilroy, Billy Higgins, Guy McElwaine, Wayne Morris, David C. Robinson, James G. Robinson, Rene Russo


Brandon Lang (Matthew McConaughey) has achieved a successful college football career as quarterback. He injures himself badly during a game, but immediately starts the build-up training. However, he is no longer accepted into the squad by his team or any other American football team, so he has to end his career. Instead, Lang now works as an employee of a switchboard and begins to make recommendations for sports betting. Due to his many years of experience in football and his intuition (attention and intuition management), he achieves an extremely high accuracy of up to 85%, which is why he will soon be recruited by Walter Abrams (Al Pacino). He runs a consulting firm in New York City, which sells tips for sports betting via a free hotline. The call of the customers is free of charge, but they pay a commission of the profit to Abrams. In addition, the entrepreneur married to Toni Morrow (Rene Russo), who has a daughter (Chrislyn Austin), produces his own television program "The Sports Advisors". Abrams creates the fictional person "John Anthony" for Lang. Under this pseudonym he acts vis-à-vis the customer in the brokerage of sports betting. At first Lang becomes more and more successful as "John Anthony". This goes so far that Abram, once a gambling addict, bets and loses a large part of his fortune on one of Lang's tips. However, the more Lang concentrates on acting like Abram's John Anthony, the worse his scoring in sports betting will be. He becomes aware of this, but cannot find his way back to his old accuracy and finally tosses a coin to commit himself to the winning team at the Super Bowl. Surprisingly, this team, which was clearly behind at first, can still win the match with the last move. Although Lang has restructured the company with this tip, he returns home to Las Vegas to work as a football coach for a youth team.